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"Went through the tapping sequence once for the 'yips' and I haven't had that 'feeling' over any putt since (last 10 rounds). Played this morning and had 28 putts. Most misses were close to going in or tap in second putts." Dave Ryan

"It works! I shot 63 after tapping. I'm putting great." P.D.

"I'm now consistently in the 80s, was over 100 before. I use it when I lose concentration or feel tense." L.C.

"I played the best golf of this year after doing the tapping." L.T.

"I'm a former touring pro. I've performed in places where I couldn't before, made shots where in the past there would have been fear. I've never thought better on the course. First tee jitters are gone and it helps me sleep." C.B.

"I'm putting the best I've putted since I was a kid. I couldn't be happier." G.T.

"I don't have the anxiety I use to have on the course. I'm putting a lot better. I'm calmer; it has really helped me." W.P.

"It has helped my game. It keeps me positive." L.C.

"It helps me get loose. It's better than anything else I've tried." M.F.

"It calms me down when I'm nervous." D.G.

"I shot one of my lowest rounds ever; I would recommend it." J.M.

"It really does help. It helps with frustration and anger." S.W. (a teenager)

"This is a wonderful book that you can go back to read time after time. It is the most unique system you will ever come across. What it will enable you to do is to get out of your own way and start putting naturally." P.D.

"I applied the book's methodology to my "first-tee problem" before my last round. I was the guest of a group of players who I barely knew and who were all better players than me. After using the technique the night before the round, I did not suffer the negative thoughts and overall body tension that normally occurred to me in such situations. I hit a good drive and played an anxiety-free round. I'm excited about applying the technique to other tension inducing situations." C.P.


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