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How much of golf is physical or mechanical and how much is mental? Most professional golfers, coaches, teachers, and serious players will say golf is at least 90% mental. Some say it's 100% mental. Because the brain controls all movement, it can easily be argued that the game is 100% mental. Whichever number is correct, the mental game is a very large part of playing golf.

For a golf swing to be smooth and efficient, it needs to be controlled by the subconscious mind. The more conscious swing thoughts you have, the worse your swing will be. You will play your best when you "get yourself out of the way." When you hear a tournament winner say, "I got myself out of the way," he/she is referring to conscious thoughts. They have turned over the process of swinging to their subconscious mind. A major focus of sport psychology is getting the conscious mind out of the way.

Another mental game problem for golfers is negative emotions. Negative emotion problems will show up as fear, anxiety, tension, doubt, trembling, jerky swings, murky thinking, ego decisions, and first tee jitters.

My work with golfers is based on sound sport psychology principles and incorporates the new psychological procedure called EFT.

I wrote EFT and Golf: The New Mental Game Manual and Energy Psychology and the Yips Cure and Prevention.

I coach golfers on the course and in the privacy of their home by telephone.

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