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Frequently Asked Questions About EFT and golf.

What is EFT?

EFT is a simple form of Energy Psychology. It can be thought of as acupressure applied to psychological issues. See EFT for more information.

My shots are inconsistent. Sometimes I hit great shots, sometimes I don't. I can't count on hitting where I want to. What can I do?

All shots are subject to inconsistencies. The golf swing is very complicated and being off a small fraction of an inch can result in big misses, especially with the long clubs such as a driver. Some of the factors that determine where a shot goes are beyond your control such as the wind. The most important factor that you can control is giving your subconscious mind clear instructions of what you intend to do. The best "instructions" consist only of selecting the target. Unfortunately, we often include other instructions such as, "Don't miss it," "Don't hit it in the water," or "Don't make a fool of yourself again." See Energy Psychology and the Yips Cure and Prevention, Chapter 2 - The Yips Cause, Chapter 5 - The Yips Cure, Chapter 6 - Subconscious Compensations, and Chapter 7 - Making Yourself Yips Proof, to learn how to give your subconscious mind clear instructions.

What about swing thoughts? I have heard some pros, after winning a tournament, say that they were able to "get themselves out of the way," that they had no swing thoughts.

I haven't done the research on this one yet (I'm a research scientist), but I'm pretty sure that the best "swing thought" is simply a clear intention of where you want the ball to go. That could be in the form of an imagined flight of the ball, a point where you want the ball to land or stop, or a phrase such as "next to the fairway bunker." Any other thoughts would likely confuse your subconscious mind in its task of getting the ball where you want it go. See the previous question.

I'm worried about developing the yips since I sometimes miss easy putts. What can I do to prevent developing the yips?

Everybody misses easy putts from time to time. That is nothing to worry about. We tend to think that anything inside of 6 feet should be made. But even the pros only make 40% from 6 feet. Take the Rowe Yips Test to see if you are susceptible to developing the yips. If you are, get Energy Psychology and the Yips Cure and Prevention and look at Chapter 7, Making Yourself Yips Proof.

Which hand should I tap with?

(This question concerns the EFT procedure presented in Energy Psychology and the Yips Cure and Prevention.) Most people are more comfortable tapping with their dominant hand, but it doesn't matter.

Which side should I tap on?

(This question concerns the EFT procedure presented in Energy Psychology and the Yips Cure and Prevention.) As you can see from the tapping charts in the book, most points are located on both sides of the body. You can tap with either hand on either side of the body on any of the points. The only exception is the "sore spot" on the upper left chest. Most practitioners advise rubbing the sore spot on the left side only.

If I tap harder, does it work better?

(This question concerns the EFT procedure presented in Energy Psychology and the Yips Cure and Prevention.) No. Most people seem to get the best results when tapping hard enough to inject some mechanical energy into the tapping point, but not hard enough to hurt or bruise themselves. On the other hand, I have seen some people get results while tapping rather lightly. And there are even tapless versions of Energy Psychology. See either of my books for further discussion.

Do I have to tap on the golf course when I'm upset?

(This question concerns the EFT procedure presented in Energy Psychology and the Yips Cure and Prevention.) It is always best to tap as soon as possible if you experience any kind of upset no matter where you are or what you are doing. If you're self-conscious about tapping in public, see tips on how to handle that and a discussion of tapless methods in Energy Psychology and the Yips Cure and Prevention, Chapter 8, Discreet Energy Psychology Techniques.

Someone told me that Energy Psychology works for pain. Is that true?

Most people (about 2/3) get immediate relief from pain by tapping. Simply focus on the pain and do the EFT procedure explained in Energy Psychology and the Yips Cure and Prevention, Chapter 5. Your acceptance statement would be, "Even though I have this pain (describe pain), I deeply and completely accept myself." Your reminder phrase would be "This pain." Any time you have a pain and you would reach for the aspirin or ibuprofen, try tapping first. The remaining 1/3 may need additional help from a professional such as myself to get relief. Call or email to work with me by phone. Obviously, if you need medical attention, seek proper medical care.

The older I get, the stiffer I get. It is affecting my ability to make a smooth swing. What can I do about it?

Since I work with golfers on their mental game, this question may seem out of place here. But the mental game has a big impact on physical factors and physical factors have a big impact on the mental game. Pain, stiffness, and fatigue are some physical factors that can effect the mental game. A golfer who is in good physical condition will more easily stay focused on the game, especially on the back nine. A golfer in pain will be distracted by the pain and the swing will be affected. Stiffness certainly affects the swing, not to mention bending down to get the ball out of the cup. Stretching exercises can pay big dividends for a golfer. Check your local bookstore, physical therapist, or golf pro for a good stretching program. Always warm up before hitting on the first tee. Stretching should also be done, but only after you have warmed up. Stretching cold muscles and joints can result in injury. Before stretching, try this EFT technique. Notice where you feel stiff. Focus on it and tap according the procedure in my books using an acceptance statement such as this, "Even though I feel stiff, I deeply and completely accept myself." Repeat as necessary. Golfers tell me it's a quick and an effective way to help loosen up.

I have heard that EFT can help me make a swing change. How can that be?

One of my colleagues who works with a lot of professional athletes from several sports discovered that EFT allows an athlete to make a change in mechanics rather quickly. This one takes considerable skill to apply. Call or email me for additional information.

If you would like to ask me a question, send me an email.


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