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Golf (and many sports) is at least 90% mental after the fundamentals are learned. Even learning the fundamentals is mostly mental.

Typical mental game problems I see in golfers:


I hear golfers complain a lot about tension on the course. They complain that tension gets in the way of smooth swings and putting strokes. What would happen to your game if you had a simple technique that could produce relaxation in about 20 seconds on the course?

Emotional Memories

Golfers are often haunted by negative emotional memories. If they mis-hit a shot on the first tee, it affects their entire game. If they come to a hole that they hit a bad shot on a week ago, all they can think about is that bad shot last week. What would happen to your game if you had a simple technique that could erase negative emotional memories in a few minutes?

Emotional Reactions

If you watch professional golf, you’ve seen Tiger Woods’s reaction to hitting a bad shot. It is clear that he is having quite a negative reaction at the moment. What is amazing to most people is that he can leave that negative emotional reaction behind and completely focus on the next shot. How would your game improve if you had that same ability?

Comfort Zones

Comfort zones affect all golfers, even the touring pros. You can tell when a comfort zone has been triggered; self-sabotage kicks in. An example is when a golfer shoots the front nine better than his typical round and then sabotages the back nine, completing the round at about his average score. Or you see the reverse. He shoots a poor front nine, then recovers and shoots a great back nine to end the round at about his average. What if you had a tool that would help you break through your comfort zone?

Personal Problems

We have all had experiences where we take a personal problem onto the course and it affects the way we play. We have all been affected by a disagreement with someone, worrying about something at work, or a myriad of other things. What would happen to your game if you had a tool that would allow you to leave your personal problems in the parking lot?


At one time or another all of us have played with pain that affects our swing. In these cases, we would've played better if we had taken aspirin or ibuprofen before we played. What if you had a tool that could be applied on the spot to relieve pain as good as aspirin or ibuprofen without any side effects and works a lot faster?


Unless you are young and flexible, your golf swing is probably affected by range-of-motion issues. What would happen to your swing if you had a tool that would give you more flexibility in about one minute?

First Tee Jitters

The first tee jitters seems to be an almost universal problem. What if you had a tool that would reduce or eliminate first tee jitters in about one minute?


I have been surprised by the number of golfers who will privately admit to me that they have the yips. These include putting yips, chipping yips, hazard yips, and driving yips. Surveys have shown that the yips affect between 20% and 40% of all golfers. It turns out that the yips are common in many sports and even other activities in life such as public speaking. What if you had a tool that could eliminate the yips with a little work? Yes, I said "eliminate," not work around.

Is this real or some kind of advertising hype? See for yourself. See "What Golfers Say." Call or email me and ask the tough questions. Put it to the test.

What is this tool?

I teach the new Energy Psychology technique (EFT) to help people maximize their potential in all areas of their life. My research and experience with golfers has shown that EFT can be the most powerful addition to your mental game. Perhaps you have seen someone using EFT on the course or in a tournament and wondered what they were doing. Now you can learn it, too.  What is EFT?

I wrote the first complete mental game manual introducing EFT to golfers - EFT and Golf: The New Mental Game Manual.

I published the first book specifically addressing the yips - Energy Psychology and the Yips Cure and Prevention. (Hank Haney, Tiger Woods's coach, published the second yips book.)  This is a complete self-help manual to help golfers cure the yips in the privacy of their own home. It's not 100%; nothing is. Some golfers need additional help from a pro such as myself. I can work in private by telephone or refer you to someone. Get the book, e-mail me, or call me.

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